First Line Security

"Your First Line of Defense"

                                                                     Our Services

  • Special Events:  Whether it is a corporate, private, or a public event, ranging from 25 to 5,000 guests, we ensure only those who are invited gain access. Our services include crowd control, parking control, access control, perimeter security and static/foot patrol positions.
  • Celebrity and Dignitary Protection:  High-profile clients, celebrities, corporate executives, and dignitaries all trust First Line Security with their safety, security and privacy, to also include the members of their family(s). We provide security protection for celebrity V.I.P. appearances at premiers, concerts, weddings, benefits and/or other social functions.
  • Film & Studio Set Security:  We provide low-profile protection to act as a “buffer” between celebrities and curious/autograph seekers during "on-location" filming. This reduces the risk of celebrity or V.I.P from the position of being the “focus point” of a rebuffed or offended fan with potential to become crazed, delusional or deranged.
  • Hospitality Security:  We are an expert in handling the unique challenges when it comes to hotel security. Members of our staff have experiences ranging from hotel security officers to hotel security directors at four-star properties. We become a member of the hotel staff, thus ensuring guests receive the highest quality of customer service, along with knowing that they are protected during their stay or attending a social function at a major hotel. 
  • Courier Service:  We provide personal protection for transportation of cash drops, jewels, gold, furs, paintings, film and/or other items of value. This also includes providing security for any jewelry, fur or art showings.
  • Uniformed Security:  Our uniformed officers represent the industry’s most committed and highly professionally trained. Our expectations are high because are clients deserve high expectations. We provide either armed or unarmed uniform security officers 24-hours a day for such services as retail stores, bars, construction sites, hotels and hospitals.
  • Retail Security:  The presence of a professional security officer is vital to the success of a retail establishment. We understand the critical role in providing every customer, visitor, and employee with a safe and secure environment.
  • School Security:  We believe that there is no greater responsibility than providing a safe and secure environment for our children. We have the experience and training to secure our schools and protect our children in our nation's school systems.
  • Workplace Violence Prevention:  Terminating an employee, disgruntled workers, and threats to your business require, a highly-trained officer to insure your place of business and other employees' safety. 
  • Estate Security:   Your home and your family is our commitment to providing the highest trained security staff.  Our staff is bound by our strict privacy policy to never compromise you or your family's safety or privacy.