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                                                                   Our Team


Robert Fickes, CEO, has been the current owner since 2003.  Robert is a Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (C.A.S.) a special designation and credential awarded to only select security professionals who complete extensive training in the area of anti-terrorism. Prior to taking over First Line Security he was a security officer and shift supervisor for the company.  He has over 30 years of experience, including 26 years of military service both active and reserve duty.  He served overseas for the first eight years of his military service.  In 2004, he was deployed to Iraq where he was hand-picked for a special security detail due to his diplomacy and tact ensuring the security for the Secretary of the Air Force, the Air Force Chief of Staff and new members of the Iraqi government and military on several visits to his installation. He was also a deputy sheriff, state correctional officer, a security officer for The St. Regis Hotel and security director for the Hotel Jerome--two 4-star properties in Aspen, Colorado.  He was also a security officer for a health care facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  He has an associate degree in business management and also in criminal justice.  As a result of 9-11-2001 he has had numerous training in Homeland Security through the Air Force in the area of Anti-Terrorism Awareness Level 1 Training, DOD Joint Anti-Terrorism Training, Terrorism Awareness-Protecting Soft Target Training Course, and The Protection of the President.  He is certified in First Aid/CPR, TIPS, 9mm handgun, M-16 rifle, 12-gauage shotgun, ASP/Tactical Baton, handcuffing, pepper mace and other non-lethal uses of force training. He has had training in guest relations and customer service. Furthermore, Robert P. Fickes has dedicated his career to securing the safety of others and takes pride in the ownership and reputation of First Line Security Services.

Stacie Pink-Waters, Office Manager/Bookkeeper, joined the company in 2004. Since then, she has worked behind the scenes keeping up appearances and maintaining a business and personal relationship with our clients.  Her skills for organization and office knowledge help keep the business running smoothly.  She is trained in QuickBooks, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Internet Processor, Telephones, Ten-Key, and Customer Service.

Security Officers, We hire officers who have experience and training in law Enforcement, military services, private Security, and customer service/guest relations.  Our officers go through a background check and drug screening before being hired.  Officers receive instructions in loss prevention, patrol procedures, crowd control, access control, emergency situations, and Homeland Security (Anti-Terrorism Awareness).  Officers are trained in First Aid/CPR, TIPS, Bloodborne Pathogens Awareness and continuing training either by classroom, web site training or some type of national certified security program.  At our client's directions, First Line Security personnel uniform/attire can range from a high profile security uniform to a more sophisticated low profile coat and tie. 

The foundation of our values is our people. First Line Security is the only one of a few security companies that provides outstanding salary to its officers.   As a result we expect and demand more from our officers.  We select only those officers that meet our strict requirements to work on our team.  All officers must have at least 2 years experience before being considered for employment.  Beside experiences and qualificaitons which they bring with them they must fit the appearance and behavior of a security professional and have strong customer service and guest relations.  This is what seperates us from all other security companies in the area.




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